For more than 160 years, Bold Spring Church in the Callison community has been a beacon signaling the way to spiritual comfort, fellowship and education, and, most importantly, the Gospel of salvation to those who will accept it.

 Bold Spring has grown from a small beginning - 17 charter members who, on foot or in wagons and carriages, made their way in 1853 to worship in a hand-hewn log building, - to approximately 200 members today, none of whom rely on a horse and carriage for transportation. The stories have been passed from generation to generation suggest that prior to the establishment of Bold Spring, most of its members were a part of Bethel Church a nearby Methodist congregation. Apparently there was unrest among the Methodists, and a handful of worshipers withdrew to build a new church. This new congregation called as its pastor the Rev. James Shadrack, one of the former Bethel members, and it was named Bold Spring upon the suggestion of Henry Rush, whose grave can be found about half way from the front door of the present building to the spring which gave it its name.


During the intervening years, Bold Spring has had 26 pastors, whose tenures ranged from only a few months as interim pastors to as much as 42 years. Since 2005, the church has been led by the Rev. Charles E. (Chuck) Keller, who is a "home-grown" product of the church. Before officially becoming pastor, he served as interim pastor, deacon, teacher, and in nearly every other capacity where a hard-working, wise and willing presence was needed.

While the progress of a church cannot be adequately measured either by its pastor or its buildings, one cannot ignore the structures that have housed the congregation. The aforementioned log building was used until 1884, when a tornado destroyed it. Losing no time in rebuilding, members replaced it with a larger clapboard structure that had two Sunday School rooms. This building served until the middle of the 20th century, when it was renovated and enlarged. The sanctuary was brick-veneered, and eight Sunday School rooms were built at the rear. For the most part, this is the edifice that, with a few significant changes, makes up the church today. 

In 2005, an addition was built at the rear of the church that would include additional Sunday School rooms, a modern kitchen, storage space and a large fellowship hall. it is difficult to imagine now how we coped before this building was added. The previous fellowship hall - across the road from the church proper - has been dedicated as the Community Hope Ministry, which seeks to help those who need it with food and clothing donated by members.

Bold Spring Church eagerly anticipates the future, where we can worship, study, learn and accomplish God's will.

The addition of the steeple in 1985 gave the church the appearance it has today.